Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!

A variety of integrated Solar PV panels and tiles mean that now Solar can eve more >

Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!

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CHAS accreditation 2017

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What is the best renewable system for your home?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels

Recommended for:-

  • Properties with South facing roofs free from shading (although it can also be viable on East and West Facing too) 
  • People looking to make a financial investment, save on their electricity bills and guarantee energy security for the future

On a domestic property A 4kW system can still return as much as £700 per year for 20 years. Payback can be within 6 years but payments from the Feed In Tariff continue for another 14 years. Meanwhile daytime electricity used is free.

PV Panel Flow Diagram

Solar Thermal Heating Systems

Recommended for:-

  • Properties that are South facing but may have smaller roof space than is required for Solar PV. Again in some cases the orientation can be East / West
  • Homes without a combi- boiler

The savings for solar thermal systems are approximately £180 per year with Renewable Heat Incentive payments of up to £375 per year for 7 years. Payback within 7 years. Again Solar Thermal will protect you against utility price increases

solar thermal heating diagram    

Air Source Heat Pumps

Recommended for:-

  • Homes without mains gas
  • Properties with underfloor heating
  • Homes already with Solar PV installations or combined with Solar to offset running costs

Costs about £500 per year to run but saves up to £600 in terms of gas consumption plus you receive payments (up to £850) from the Renewable Heat Incentive for 7 years. 

Hybrid systems now available to run with conventional gas boilers

Thermodynamics (Hot water and Heating Systems)

Recommended for:-

  • Properties with small or no roof space available
  • Homes that already have solar PV installed

One panel can provide !00% of your hot water - 4 will provide central heating.

These systems do not rely on sunlight but work on the ambient air temperature. They do not qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive yet but work 24/7 - 365 days a year. Payback on a domestic system is currently about 8 years based on the gas consumption savings. Indications are that this system will soon be eligable for the RHI and claims can be made retropectively. 



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