Winners Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2017

Very proud to be Winners of the Regional Energy Efficiency Awards - RHI insta more >

Winners Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2017

RHI Installer of the year 2017

RHI Installer of the year @ the Energy Efficiency Awards 2017 more >

RHI Installer of the year 2017

Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!

A variety of integrated Solar PV panels and tiles mean that now Solar can eve more >

Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!
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What is the best renewable energy system...


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Renewable Heating and Hot Water Systems - for your home.......

................and RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments have just gone up to 10.02p / kWh !

Solec Energy Solutions are accredited MCS solar installers and can help you choose the best location and orientation for all types of renewable Heating and Hot Water systems. These systems are arguably the best value for money and can work in older properties and new builds.

In Spring 2014 the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme was extended to include installations on domestic properties and payments for eligable consumers have just been increased. Now is an excellent time to invest. You will be paid for the energy you produce from your system for 7 years. This incentive scheme means your investment is paid for - usually within 6 years after which time the income is yours to keep. You will also be saving money on exisitng energy bills and ensuring long term energy security for your home.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are positioned outside, adjacent to the building, and have a fan that draws in outdoor air over a large heat exchanger which harnesses the heat energy in the air. 

Air source heat pumps usually consist of the external unit and an internal unit where hot water is stored and the controller and circulation pumps are housed. Heat pumps of this kind can provide up to 80% of your heating and or hot water requirements all year round by extracting energy from the outside air. These pumps run on electricity but for 1kW of electrical input the output thermal energy is up to 5kW so it is a viable investment. In comparison a traditional fossil fuel boiler is less efficient typically giving you 1kW output for 1kW input.

An ideal combination for your home is and Air Source Heat Pump combined with a Solar array to offset the electrical costs. The above property has a 14kW Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pump with Solar on the South Roof and Thermodynamics for Hot Water 24/7.

Solar Thermal 

Solar Thermal panels - Flat Bed or Evacuated Tube systems - can supply up to 70% of free hot water throughout the year. In the summer months that increases to 95%. The panels are usually fitted to the roof but can be fully integrated. The panels absorb the sun's energy which heats hot water through a heat transfer system which is stored in a dedicated hot water cylinder. Once installed, solar thermal systems have virtually no running costs.

These systems are typically used for hot water, however they can be used to provide heating too. Where the solar hot water cylinder is fully charged or the energy gain is low the solar energy can be delivered into the heating system of the property instead.

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"When I first heard about a solar panel that works at night I didn’t believe it but now we have free hot water from a single panel without using our gas or electricity supply – absolutely amazing”

 This is the reaction from our client after our 1st Thermodynamic installation in Leeds in 2011 - the first of its kind in the area. A single panel can supply 100% of a hot water for a domestic property. The system works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, rain or shine! 

Thermodynamic panels can also be used for central heating but this would involve more than 1 panel.

NB: Unfortunately Thermodynaimics to not qualify for RHI payments due to their classification but they are relatively low cost to install and are considered very much a fit and forget technology. There is no need to pay for hot water ever again!




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