Winners Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2017

Very proud to be Winners of the Regional Energy Efficiency Awards - RHI insta more >

Winners Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2017

RHI Installer of the year 2017

RHI Installer of the year @ the Energy Efficiency Awards 2017 more >

RHI Installer of the year 2017

Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!

A variety of integrated Solar PV panels and tiles mean that now Solar can eve more >

Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!
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Read How to Improve your Homes Energy Efficiency in 60 seconds


Installing Solar for your Electricity or an Air Source Heat Pump for Heating and Hot Water

This is obviously our answer to long term Energy Security but we appreciate it may not be top of your agenda. Here's a few tips on low cost energy efficiency measures to help make the move to low carbon living. 

With household energy bills creeping up slowly year by year, and climate change an ever more pressing issue, making your home energy efficient and environmentally friendly is more important than ever. 


A well-insulated property will keep warm air in during the winter months and keep your home cool in the summer. Replacing old single glazed windows and ill-fitting doors with new, energy efficient models will dramatically reduce the amount you spend on heating, while installing loft insulation, blocking off draughts and insulating walls will also help to keep your home toasty. 

Though grants have been cut in recent years, it is still possible to get funding to insulate your home. Get in touch with your local council to find out what’s available in your area.  

Replace old appliances 

Old appliances gobble up energy like there’s no tomorrow. Replacing your washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge and boiler with newer, more efficient models will slash your home energy bills and ensure your home is doing its bit for the environment. 

Install energy efficient light bulbs 

Switching your home’s old light bulbs to modern, energy efficient versions will dramatically reduce the amount of energy your property consumes. Depending on how many lights you have and how often you use them, you could save hundreds of pounds a year. Though energy efficient bulbs are more expensive to buy, the money you save on your energy bill will soon make your investment worthwhile. 

Use daylight

Daylight can be used in most homes to minimise the amount of time electric light is required for. Installing skylights, light wells and large, double glazed windows around your house will help to ensure you only need to turn your lights on when it’s dark outside. If you don’t have the space or the budget to install daylight features, a few well-placed mirrors will help to bounce ambient light around your interior. 

Swap energy providers 

As well as helping to save you money, switching energy suppliers can also help to make your home more environmentally friendly as some companies are greener than others. To find out more get in touch with Solec or send us your contact details and we’ll give you a call back to discuss how you can make your home greener, cosier and more affordable.

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