Winners Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2017

Very proud to be Winners of the Regional Energy Efficiency Awards - RHI insta more >

Winners Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2017

RHI Installer of the year 2017

RHI Installer of the year @ the Energy Efficiency Awards 2017 more >

RHI Installer of the year 2017

Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!

A variety of integrated Solar PV panels and tiles mean that now Solar can eve more >

Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!
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Commercial & Public Sector Installations

At Solec we believe the key issue for investment in Solar Electricity is that it suits your individual business needs. The quality of advice and the information you are given by the installer will affect how successful your installation will be in the long term

There is a huge range of panels and systems out there. Solec can find a solution that works to meet your company’s budget and business investment objectives as well as your carbon reduction requirements.

Solar PV is clean simple to install and easily combined with your current electrical arrangements. It is an efficient renewable energy source that can contribute to reduce energy cost and provide your business with energy security. Commercial Solar PV will save you money on your current electricity bills, reduce your companies carbon foot print and show customers and shareholders your green credentials. 

Property Developers - Turnkey solutions for new builds or retrofit. Energy saving for Landlords.

The last 2 Plots at the Prestigious Fulwith Mill development in Harrogate are now complete.

 Commercial Rooftops - still a good investment & ROI especially for high energy users. 

The Old Casino in Roundhay - with it's Flat Roof behind the buildings renovated facia - ideal for a PV array that you can't see!


Architects & Designers - Bespoke solutions available especially if aesthetics are important

Premium pannels & Integrated Roof kits to suit any build


Schools & Community Projects - long term energy security for future generations

Horsforth Sports Club

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