Winners Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2017

Very proud to be Winners of the Regional Energy Efficiency Awards - RHI insta more >

Winners Regional Energy Efficiency Awards 2017

RHI Installer of the year 2017

RHI Installer of the year @ the Energy Efficiency Awards 2017 more >

RHI Installer of the year 2017

Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!

A variety of integrated Solar PV panels and tiles mean that now Solar can eve more >

Integrated Solar - improved aesthetics!
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Solar PV Panels remain a good investment for your home.

Whilst the government backed Feed-in Tariff has reduced the technology has also come down in price.  

A 4kW system can now cost under £5,000. Energy savings can be as high as £500 a year with electricy generated still earning 4.11pence / kW hour. As we are a government approved MCS installer you can also sell back what you don't use at the current export rate of 4.91p per kWh.

  • Most of the electricity produced from a PV system has zero CO2 emissions which is becoming increasingly important for our environment

  • If you install now, you will be guaranteed an index-linked income for the next 20 years and you'll avoid the inevitable electricity price hikes from energy companies

  • Call Solec today on 0845 5193 543 for a quote and make the move to low carbon living! Or email info@solec-uk for a ring back request
  • Energy efficiency products and battery storage options now also avaible 


"We were spending over £3000 a year on Oil and switched (to be more environmentally friendly) to an Air Source Heat Pump. We off set the cost of running the Heat Pump with Solar PV. It's early days to see how much we are saving but we are earning over £1000 a year in incentives and we are on the lower FiT rate for our Solar due to the age of the property" Mr P October 2015


"The generation in April (2015) far exceeded expectations" MRS T - 4kW installed Winter 2014. This update on generation from May 2015. 


"Having lots of work done on the house this summer. Kitchen, reroof, solar panels, (windows to come). Can highly recommend these Leeds people: Paul Hoban roofing, Robert Wilmot at Solec for solar panels,and Four Seasons Interiors on Street Lane" MR M - 4kW installed Summer 2014




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