Heat Pumps

Can provide up to 80% of your heating and or hot water requirements all year round by extracting energy from the land or outside air.

They do run on electricity but for 1kW of electrical input the output thermal energy is up to 5kW. In comparison a traditional fossil fuel boiler is less efficient typically giving you 1kW output for 1kW input.

Heat Pumps are a very efficient way to provide heating and hot water to all kinds of applications from small domestic to large commercial

In most cases you can also cover your costs through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) over 7 years - there's not many home improvements that pay for themselves!

For more info. see our RHI page or follow the link below. We offer free guidance and support on the RHI with all our installs if required


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We were spending over 3000 a year on Oil and switched (to be more environmentally friendly) to an Air Source Heat Pump. We off set the cost of running the Heat Pump with Solar PV. It's early days to see how much we are saving but we are earning over 1000 a year in incentives and we are on the lower FiT rate for our Solar due to the age of the property.

Mr P October 2015