Solar PV Panels Remain a Good Investment

... for Your Home...

Whilst the government backed Feed-in Tariff has reduced the technology has also come down in price. A 4kW system can now cost as little as £4,000. Energy savings can be as high as £500 a year with electricy generated still earning 4.00 pence / kW hour through the FiT scheme. As we are a government approved MCS installer you can also sell back what you don't use at the current export rate of 5.03 pence per kWh.

... for Your Business

We believe the key issue for investment in Solar Electricity is that it suits your individual business needs. The quality of advice and the information you are given by the installer will affect how successful your installation will be in the long term. Solec can find a solution that works to meet your company’s budget and business investment objectives as well as your carbon reduction requirements.

Solar PV is clean simple to install and easily combined with your current electrical arrangements.

Nearly all the electricity produced from a PV system has zero CO2 emissions which is increasingly important for our environment!

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Having lots of work done on the house this summer. Kitchen, re-roof, solar panels. Can highly recommend Solec in Leeds people for solar panels.

MR M - 4kW installed Summer 2014