Solar PV Panels Achieve Energy Independence

Nearly all the electricity produced from a PV system has zero CO2 emissions!

It’s no surprise that renewable energy is becoming more and more popular for homeowners and commercially due to ever increasing fossil fuel energy prices. Installing solar panels is a huge step towards achieving energy independence.

With storage solutions becoming more viable the natural transition is now to save any excess Solar generated rather than export back to the grid.

The quality of advice and the information you are given by the installer will affect how successful your installation will be in the long term. Solec can find a solution that works to meet your company’s budget and business investment objectives as well as your carbon reduction requirements.

Simple to Install

Solar PV is clean simple to install and easily combined with your current electrical arrangements.

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Whilst Solar PV is generally considered "Fit & Forget" technology we have invested in a Seagate Solar PV Tester and a Flir Thermal Imaging camera so we can be proactive going forward to help our customers maintain their arrays as they age.

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Solar Batteries and Storage

Some of the Energy you generated by solar panels is exported back to the Grid, by adding battery storage minimises your reliance on the grid, and reduces the money you put in your energy supplier’s pocket!

Costs for solar have reduced dramatically in recent years and it may now be viable for your home or business purely on an Energy saving basis?

Our Battery Storage systems are designed to meet your specific needs and our Electrical Expert will be able to answer any technical questions you may have.

Below is our first 3 phase battery system for the Landlords supply of an Award Winning Development in Leeds – with a nice write up from Goodwe who (as most manufacturers do) give us excellent technical support to ensure the best installation.

GoodWe Delivering High Value at a UK project

Shown here is a brilliant example of a GoodWe successful installation at a UK project in which the GoodWe SBPsolution is helping business to enhance energy independence. The AC-retrofit SBP model is one of the many products in the portfolio of energy storage solutions of GoodWe and it is distinguished by its UPS function that is compatible with single and three-phase systems. This is one of the many successful GoodWe energy storage inverters successfully installed across Europe.

Battery Storage requires careful consideration, they need to be sized correctly by considering usage. Please contact us for further information about Storage or free advise about Energy saving.

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Solar PV Technology - Converting Daylight into Electricity

They work from light (irradiance) and not just direct sunlight. The PV panels are wired to an Inverter which converts the generated electricity from Direct Current (DC) into usable Alternating Current (AC) for use in your home. The Inverter (AC) output is connected to the electrics in your home via your existing consumer unit. This in turn exports any surplus electricity back to the National Grid system.

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PV Panels

At the heart of a solar PV system are photovoltaic cells; devices which convert light into an electric current. These photovoltaic cells are responsible for transforming the sun’s energy into electricity. These cells can be ‘housed’ in many ways but by far the most common is the PV Panel.

The Inverter

This is the piece of equipment that converts the electricity produced by the PV panels into the form of electricity that we use within domestic and commercial properties. The electricity that goes into the Inverter is in the form of direct current (DC) and the electricity that comes out is in the form of alternating current (AC).

Export Meter

The export meter records all the electricity produced by the PV panels in exactly the same way as the electricity meter within your property. The figures it records are then used by the householder to provide there electricity supplier with a reading with which they can use to calculate their Feed In Tariff's (FIT) payment amount.

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Please contact us if you would like to know more about Solar PV Technology.

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We were spending over £3,000 a year on Oil and switched (to be more environmentally friendly) to an Air Source Heat Pump. We offset the cost of running the Heat Pump with Solar PV. It's early days to see how much we are saving but we are earning over £1,000 a year in incentives and we are on the lower FiT rate for our Solar due to the age of the property.

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