Works 24 Hours a Day, Rain or Shine!

"When I first heard about a solar panel that works at night I didn’t believe it but now we have free hot water from a single panel without using our gas or electricity supply – absolutely amazing”

This is the reaction from our client after our 1st Thermodynamic installation in Leeds in 2011 - the first of its kind in the area. A single panel can supply 100% of a hot water for a domestic property. The system works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, rain or shine! 

Thermodynamic panels can also be used for central heating but this would involve more than 1 panel.

NB: Unfortunately Thermodynamics do not qualify for RHI payments due to their classification but they are relatively low cost to install and are considered very much a fit and forget technology. There is no need to pay for hot water ever again! 

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thermodynamics leeds


thermodynamics leeds

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We were spending over £3000 a year on Oil and switched (to be more environmentally friendly) to an Air Source Heat Pump. We off set the cost of running the Heat Pump with Solar PV. It's early days to see how much we are saving but we are earning over £1000 a year in incentives and we are on the lower FiT rate for our Solar due to the age of the property.

Mr P October 2015